Fragrance Library

BRAVO - A subtle warm, maple and vanilla bean scent

CASHMERE - notes of saffron, pimento berries, and a lovely blend of floral, patchouli, and vanilla

CARIBBEAN - Invigorating aroma of eucalyptus and spearmint

CERULEAN - Aromatic grape and summer ripened berry 

CHAMPAGNE - Fizzy bubbles in ginger ale

CHERRY ALMOND - Cherry almond

ETERNAL - Sultry blend of earthy cedarwood and patchouli with a base note of musk and amber

GUAVA & FIG - A blend of apple, cassis and guava with notes of fig and pear.

MAGELLAN - Fresh citrus top notes of bergamot, tangerine and mandarin. Middle notes of pepper, sandalwood and patchouli

MOROCCAN - Raspberry vanilla

PASSION - A fusion of passionfruit nectar and juicy nectarine slices

SEA CLAY & KELP - Uplifting aroma of lime, grapefruit, orange and clary sage essential oils

SKY & SEA - A blend of floral and fruity notes

SPRING - A floral musky fragrance

RAINBOW - Sweet floral aroma