Fragrance Library

AMAPOLA - Sweet citrus & berries atop a fruity floral 

BLUE ICE - An exquisite blend or gardenias, iris and orchids

ELIXIR NO. 5 - Bourbon and tobacco  

FOREVER RED TYPE - Fresh, fruity, floral with a vanilla musk

GODIVA - Creamy carmel, butterscotch 

LAVENDER SAGE - Lavender light herb scent

LEMON ROSE- Lemon and lovely hint of Rose

LUNA PEARL - Uplifting peppermint

MARDI GRAS- sandalwood and patchouli

MOROCCAN - Raspberry vanilla

OATMEAL MILK AND HONEY - Just like the name

PANTAI MERAH - Pink berry mimosa

SAMARA- A creamy blend of soft pink petals, vanilla orchid  

URBANE- Fresh  squeezed orange fragrance